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Update March 2021

RE: Planning application Rowley Lane

Wexham Park Golf Centre has now had the opportunity to review all of the feedback received from local residents, Parish Councils and from Buckinghamshire Council on both the ongoing works to improve the Golf Centre, as well as the application to change the access for construction vehicles, diverting traffic away from the main residential area along Wexham Street and Rowley Lane.

The change of access proposals have the benefit of removing conflicts between construction traffic and the public at the entrance to the Golf Centre by providing a separate access for construction traffic. It is noted, however, that whilst this was done with interests of local residents in mind there have been issues raised by them and following dialogue with Buckinghamshire Council it has been decided that we will be withdrawing the application at this time and continue using the existing access for construction vehicles along Wexham Street.

The withdrawal of the application affords us the opportunity to review the proposals and engage with residents and stakeholders further to provide more clarity on the purpose of the change of access and outline the case for these plans.

We would like to thank you once again for your comments and will be sure to notify the local community if there are any further updates.

Kind Regards

Update February 2021

Wexham Park Golf Centre is undergoing significant works to improve the facilities offered to its members, visitors and guests, securing the long-term future of the golf centre for the benefit of the wider community. These plans include:

  • Improvements to the main golf course, including remedial works, re-routing of holes and a new finish next to the clubhouse.
  • Increasing the length and landscaping of the driving range.
  • Improved landscaping around the clubhouse and practice facilities.
  • Improved safety for properties located on our boundary.

The introduction of a high-quality short game academy adjacent to the clubhouse. To minimise the disruption as much as possible for local residents, it is proposed that the access for construction traffic be diverted away from the main residential areas and instead use Rowley Lane, to the north of the club. This will also have the advantage of avoiding congestion along Wexham Street.

Rowley Lane access and works

The relandscaping and reprofiling of the course will require a significant amount of soil to be imported to the site. Creating a new access point off Rowley Lane will both divert construction traffic away from Wexham Street and allow soil to be deposited closer to the working area, reducing the length of time the works take to complete.

The reprofiled golf course and range will be formed using Environment Agency approved soils and subsoils. These soils will allow us to also address the old landfill areas to the north-east of the site, dating back to the 1960s, and will improve both the appearance and the drainage of the golf course.

Construction traffic

To complete this relandscaping, approximately 250,000 cubic metres of soil will need to be transported to the site. To make sure that the works are carried out as efficiently as possible, there will be an average of 80 vehicle movements per day

With the exception of the lorries bringing soils to the site, there will be little construction traffic in and out of the site during the build period as most of the equipment will remain on site until completion.

Diverting this construction traffic away from the main residential areas and golf club entrance will ensure the least disruption possible for the wider community and all activity will be monitored whilst the work is taking place.


The importation process and the construction activity will be strictly managed and controlled, according to prescribed procedures and processes. These will include the following:

  • Laboratory testing of sampled source soil materials.
  • On-site logging and ticketing of vehicles.
  • Measures to make sure that highways are kept clean, including use of a wheel wash and road-sweeper.
  • Secure storage of materials and equipment in a fenced compound, with bunding for fuel storage.
  • Use of signage to ensure public awareness of lorry movements.
  • Use of protective fencing, in accordance with the advice of ecological consultant/statutory ecological consultee, to make sure that there is no adverse impact on any vegetation or fauna close to the development boundary.


The duration of the project will be 24 months for the relandscaping works, which is typical for a project of this size.

Get in touch

If you have any questions on the improvements that are being made to ensure the long-term future of Wexham Park Golf Centre, please feel free to get in touch using the contact details below:

Freephone: 0800 148 8911 Freepost: Freepost MPC CONSULTATION Email: gerardcockburn@mpc.email

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