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Inrange – Now Live!

Inrange – Now Live!

Inrange is coming to WPGC!

You may have already heard the good news – but in case you haven’t – the range has upgraded, in a BIG way!

You’re going to hear the term Inrange being used a lot in the next couple of months. So we thought we would fill you in on how it’s going to help revolutionize your golf game.

Inrange is an advanced radar ball tracking system that is going to reveal to you, as if it were magic, all the shot data you could ever wish for. Inrange will track all of your shots with pinpoint accuracy and let you know the distance (both carry and total), ball speed, launch angle, strokes gained (or lost) and so much more! Inrange takes a standard range experience and transforms it into a pro range experience on every shot.

On top of that, we will also have a multiplayer version called Inrange+ that allows you to challenge your friends at the driving range and play golf courses on the range. You can now settle the debate on who can hit the longest drive or has the most accurate short game.

We can’t wait for the installation to be done so you can come and experience Inrange – the future of the driving range!


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